Sultan TV on Interfaith Dialogue Aired on Yah Sat

 got started with the slogan of interfaith dialogue, in English.

Sultan Network, which is named after Hazrat Sultan Ali Ibn Musa Reza, the eighth Imam of Shiites began to work with the approach of spreading morality and spirituality.

This channel aims to build a religious discourse between Muslims and Christians based on morality and spirituality.

Muslim scholars and clerics alongside Christian theologians and priests will make  comparative comparison of religious teachings

in the areas of morality and spirituality.

The Pope’s historic meeting with Ayatollah Sistani, which is the first meeting between the greatest Shiite and Catholic religious figures, began with the Sultan’s World Wide Web, a dialogue between religions, especially Islam and Christianity.

Some of the key programs of this network are family comparison, love and kindness and  humanitarian rights in Islam and Christianity.

The programs of this network are recorded in England, Turkey, Australia, Italy, Iran, America, Iraq and Canada, etc., and are broadcasted via Yahsat. Frq :10887,P : V,Sr :27500, as well as live internet broadcast on . You can also download the network’s programs through social networks such as YouTube and Instagram.

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Frequency of Sultan TV

Frequency : 10845
Symbol Rate : 27500
Polarization : Vertical
Yahsat 1A